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Ten reasons why you should upgrade your boiler this winter

Ten reasons why you should upgrade your boiler this winter

As we approach winter, all those gas central heating niggles that you ignored last year, re-surface! You wince when you see your gas bill, there’s never quite enough hot water for everyone to have a bath, and you wish your house were warm when you get home from work.

Here are 10 good reasons to upgrade your boiler this winter

Cut costs

With a new heating system, you will significantly reduce your energy consumption and save money in the long run. A new boiler can reduce your heating costs by 30%!

Warmth and Hot water on demand

A new heating system will better meet your heating and hot water demands. No more waiting for your water to heat up, enjoy hot water when you want it, and, for as long as you want it.

Heating and hot water control at your fingertips

Adjust the temperature of your property from anywhere, at any time via a heating control app on your smartphone.

Evenly spread warmth

A new heating system will distribute the heating of your home evenly throughout – especially if you have underfloor heating. 

Do your bit for the environment

The older the heating system, the more energy it will consume. Not only does a new heating system save you money, but it also reduces the emissions used and will make a valuable contribution to conserving the environment.


Does the central heating system wake you up too early in the mornings? A new boiler will be much quieter and the Vailant boilers are exceptionally quiet.

Peace of mind

The Gas Safe certified installers at Woods-Taylor ensure compliance with the strictest safety standards and we can offer extended warranties up to 10 years on a Vailant boiler.

Increase the value of your home

A new heating system will meet higher energy efficiency requirements, which will pay off if you sell your property. Potential home buyers are likely to favour a property that isn’t going to cost them a new boiler shortly after they move in!

Refurbishing your home

If you are looking to refurbish your home, it is an ideal opportunity to improve your central heating system. It gives you options on where to place your boiler and cover up any pipework.

Replacing your boiler can save you some costly repairs

As a boiler ages, it will need more and more repairs, and older parts can become expensive and obsolete. Upgrade your boiler now and enjoy a warmer, more cost-effective Winter, with hot water on-demand and programmable controls from your smartphone.

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